Workspace Organizing


A Functional Workspace Allows For Creativity & Productivity To

B - r - e - a - t - h - e

Updating a few of these areas could help in your productivity as well as save you and the company money: 


1 ) Remote Office: Setting up a workspace within your home.


2 ) Space Management: Old office equipment and electronics, empty filing cabinets, outdated expo displays and marketing materials take up valuable storage space.  

3 ) Desk space/Workspace: Piles of papers, old projects covered in dust, and old mugs stuffed with dried-out pens clutter your desk and prevent you or an employee from a usable workspace.  

4 ) Office Supplies: Money wasted on duplicates because no one can easily find what they need. 

5 ) Paper Management/Archives: Paperless offices still have old files or records stored in prime storage spaces. 

Scheduling an appointment with Lisa provides accountability and a strategic plan for things to get done.

How It Works:  (only virtual organizing is available at this time).

1 ) Contact Lisa to schedule a virtual consultation to identify your organizing challenges and clarify your goals. This helps evaluate the areas that need work, your budget, and timeline. 

2 ) Schedule an appointment during the consultation or when you are ready to get started.  


3 ) Receive a list of the prep work needed for your project and what you can expect will be provided prior to the appointment.  

4 ) After the initial appointment, you can work on the homework checklist we develop at you own pace, or schedule additional virtual appointments. Depending on the project, it may only take one appointment or several. it all depends on the depth and scope of your needs.

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