Thanks again for such a good day! Since I’m not the best at standing back and enjoying (as you so nicely encourage) as we go along, I wanted you to know the pleasure I had as I lay in bed last night and looked at my lovely, orderly closet.

---N. L. , Professor, Northfield

As listed on LinkedIn: “Lisa was a real lifesaver for me. The task of clearing out my mother's apartment when she transitioned to a health care center would have been overwhelming without Lisa's help. Dealing with a parent's massive accumulation of "stuff" and clutter was a big challenge for me. Lisa broke the job into manageable pieces, was hardworking, positive, and a helpful guide through the process. Lisa made it much easier to decide what should be kept, donated, and tossed. Lisa's skills are definitely worth more than her weight in gold!”

---Sharon Kelsey, Holiday Companies Systems Specialist


As listed on LinkedIn: “Who knew getting better organized could lead to being more productive, but it did! While I knew which "piles" in my office contained what information, and I knew where personal vs. business information was, I had no idea putting it in "different places different ways" could lend itself to getting things done better, smarter, and faster. Lisa was terrific to work with. Getting down to the bare bones of how I use my at home office, how I work, and how I fit my family/personal information into that space was what it took for her to get me organized. Now everything is just an arms-length away! I would highly recommend Lisa's services to everyone, whether it be for personal or professional use!”

---Wendy Carson, ReMax Results Realtor

As listed on LinkedIn: Lisa is a detailed-oriented, life-encompassing organizer. Lisa improved my work environment by including my life values, my short-term and long-term goals. She created a vision for my future which included evaluating my space. Lisa had a life-changing impact from one visit and I am confident I will include her in the next chapter of my life when the time comes.”

---Dr. Barb Gettel, Barb Gettel Chiropractic


As listed on LinkedIn: Lisa is a superb organizer who, in about 14 hours, with me went through EVERYTHING I own and categorized, recycled, junked and filed it all. The results led to a far less cluttered and more relaxed life. She also provided a plan and taught me how to keep this up. Great Job! (...and not that painful!)”

---Stephen Gryzan, Physician


Lisa has truly transformed our lives, both at home and at work. With enormous patience and caring, she has worked with me and the rest of our family to reorganize our entire 12-room Victorian house. She has helped us rethink the core purpose of each room in our home and has brainstormed innovative storage solutions while maintaining a house filled with antique, vintage, and reproduction furnishings. Most important, she has worked with me and my tween-age daughter to bring a sustainable order into our individual work and play spaces. She has helped me create a warm, comfortable  home office in the midst of a Victorian sitting room that closes up each night. She has helped restructure all the furnishings in my daughter's attic-level bedroom to create a fun, livable and imaginative work/play retreat. Homes that Work is the best gift we have ever given ourselves. I only wish we had found Lisa years and years ago.

---Rita Levin, Saint Paul


Thank you so much for your professional organizing for my husband and I (we love being newlyweds!).  What a wonderful wedding gift we received!  Ever since you worked with us we've incorporated the things you've taught us in our everyday organizing.  It has made living together with my husband (and he with me) so much easier! Ha ha!  Thanks for your help - we will absolutely recommend you to others! 

---The Mitchells, Rosemount


We appreciated having you come along side us to get the job DONE. You were motivating and encouraging. Our children even caught on to the organization systems. They’re having more fun with their toys now and know where they all belong. And our oldest even categorized his Legos, put them in bins and labeled them!

---Family of Five, Apple Valley


Lisa was professional and also made me feel at ease with the process right away. I felt that she listened to my needs and made modifications to our organizing plan accordingly. Lisa was a pleasure to work with and always stayed positive and on task.

---J.M, family with three active kids


I though Lisa was very professional, a good listener and knew exactly what to do to get the job of organizing a craft room done. I couldn’t have done it without her help.

---Kathy G., Lakeville


I am motivated to do it (organize) as it makes my life easier and is something to feel proud of! ---Joan Siewert-Cardona, Woodbury


Thank you Lisa for being a God sent to my house and home. I could not have imagined that I could ever be as organized as you have helped me to be! You truly are a talented organizer and teacher and I thank you and so does my family.

---Deanna Jones, Apple Valley


In a very short time, I went from chaos to organized. I can find things when I need them and my office looks great!

--- John, St. Paul


You actually make organizing fun! Honestly, there was nothing I dreaded more in my life than that, until you showed me that all things were possible and that even the worst mess was manageable.

--- Kimberly, Lake Elmo

Lisa has been a business and personal lifesaver many times over. Recently I relocated my natural healing practice from my home to my professional "downsized" office space after recovering from a complicated surgery. Lisa was a pillar of strength for me. She carefully reviewed how my practice flows and literally moved all the furniture into a configuration that made perfect sense and is a working piece of art. On a personal level, she is a joy to work with, is smart as a whip, processes critical thinking very quickly, communicates extremely well, has a great sense of humor and cares deeply for all of mankind. All attributes that should help you pick up the phone and contact her now. 

Lisa is the ultimate guide you need to help plan, develop and implement any personal or professional transitional needs you may have. 5 Star rating!

-- Debbie Engelmann, BS, NHD. Created By Nature Wellness Center


Thanks again for the peaceful, orderly space you helped create. ---Becky Montgomery, Ramsey County Human Services


Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with me. The simple tips you provided has make a world of difference. ---Tarita Tyson, Ramsey County Human Services


Thanks for inspiring me to bring more sanity to my life. ---Carol Fogerty, Ramsey County Human Services