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What better way to get you, your friends, family, or co-workers motivated about change, transitions, or organization than in a fun group setting. 


Lisa embraces change and shares that passion in her classes and workshops by incorporating humor and irony to break the conditioned responses of “but we’ve always done it that way” or “what if we need it someday”.

Group Learning

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Popular Favorites 


1) Sugar Coated Organizing; the sweet secrets about why we glaze over clutter.          

A funny but in-depth look at the emotional and sentimental attachment we have with our belongings.  

2) Pre-Downsizing; Learn how to start and prevent burn-out. 

Get an in-depth look at what it truly takes to downsize. Learn how to start letting go of possessions, what to do with the things you no longer need, and why these decluttering steps should be applied in all stages of your life, not just when you move or retire. 

3) Downsizing Loved Ones; Tips on how to not go crazy when helping someone downsize.

Not a lot of people embrace change, especially when it comes to getting rid of their personal belonging. Learn how to ease the tension and reduce the frustration of helping someone let go of their junk, oops, I mean precious, worldly possessions. 


4) Maximized Storage; What to include in the designs when building or remodeling your home. 

Typically builders don't take classes on organizing systems, they just recommend what' popular. Lisa shares some of her best secrets to maximize your storage and how not to let designers bully you into inefficient layouts or products. 


5) Tree Hugger Organizing; How not to get paralyzed by decluttering.

Repurpose, reuse, recycle, donate, save it for a many decisions can be paralyzing when you don't want things to just end up in the landfill. Get some simplified answers to ease your green heart.

6) Wellness Organizing; Learn about potential side effects of too much stuff.

Clutter and too much stuff could affect your health and well-being. Find out what basic clutter could be doing to your overall health.


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