SELLING STUFF: How To Make Selling Worth Your Time

The more information you have relating to a project, the more likely you will be motivated to get and stay organized.


(1) Honesty: Be honest about the condition (Brand New, Excellent, Good, Well Used...)

(2) Photos: Try to always use a photo. Blurry photos lead to more questions, which can be time consuming for you.

Cover up everything else in the photo except the item for sale. 


(3) Lots of Details: List as many details as you can like measurements, color, weight, or all the possible uses for the item. Think of yourself as a knowledgeable salesperson. 

(4) Price: For the most part, you aren't going to get what you paid for it. So do your research online and try to list it as a little less competitive price. 


(1) Consignment Stores

(2) Garage/Rummage Sale


(3) Craigs List

(4) Facebook Online Garage Sale Buy/Sell

(5) Work Community Board or Website 


(6) Nextdoor Community Website

(6) E-bay