RECYCLING: How To Make Recycling Work

The more information you have relating to a project, the more likely you will be motivated to get and stay organized.


(1) Check Out Your County Recycling Program: In Minnesota, there are a lot of recycling resources at your local county website.  From hazardous waste, to cardboard, to metal, they all offer different options.

(2) Annual Recycling Events: Depending on where you live, your city or county might offer an annual recycling events that they don't normally offer. Some have fees while others are free. If you are dropping-off, remember your drivers's license or I.D. because they might require proof of residence. 


(3) Recycle While It's Free: Laws and policies change, so while it might have been free to recycle a TV last year, there might be fees this year.  



Since technology changes on a daily basis, it's best to get rid of electronics sooner than later if you want to get some money back or recycle them without a fee.

- Best Buy

- County Hazardous Waste Sites

Search your local county website to determine if there is a fee to recycle electronics. 

Many counties offer annual hazardous waste drop-off days. 

- Tech Dump

Hearing Aids

-Starkey Foundation

Medical Equipment

- Bibles for Missions Thrift Center

- Disabled American Vets

- St. Vincent de Paul