Organizing For You

It's time for you.

Stop putting everyone else first, let's get your life back in balance. 

If our minds are full of clutter, it makes it even more challenging to organize our surroundings. Something as simple as a mind-dump (getting everything out of your head and on paper) can help you focus. But what if that paper turns into multiple pages and causes more anxiety?

That’s where talking it out with a professional organizer can help you get all the thoughts swirling in your head on paper, but also help you brainstorm, plan, and prioritize those thoughts for clarity.


  • Review Life Transitions in Confidence-- Start analyzing alternative options in your career, marital status, or retirement.  

  • End of Life Choices & Estate Planning-- It needs to get done but you get paralyzed by the decisions.  


  • Time Management analysis -- Review what is keeping you from staying on schedule and getting things done.  

How It Works:  (only virtual appointments available at this time).

1 ) Contact Lisa to schedule a virtual consultation to identify your organizing challenges and clarify your goals. This helps us evaluate the areas that need work, your budget, and timeline.   

2 ) Schedule an appointment during the consultation or when you are ready to get started.  

3 ) Receive a list of the prep work needed for your project and what you can expect will be provided prior to the appointment.  

4 ) After the initial appointment, you can work on the homework checklist we develop at you own pace, or schedule additional appointments. Depending on the project, it may only take one appointment or several. it all depends on the depth and scope of your needs.


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