Home Organizing

  • Analyzing Spaces
  • Planning It Out
  • Clutter Reduction
  • Specializing Spaces
  • Recycling Responsibly 

 Every space has potential to be well organized, finding that space or using the space well takes experimenting and practice-something that seems to be missing in a instant gratification society.


 Each home has different needs, different organizing challenges. Organizing methods aren’t one-size-fits-all because there are many reasons for disorganization: way too much stuff, poorly designed storage systems or containers, limited time and energy. Add-in not knowing how to get rid of things along with never really knowing how to organize creates a repetitive cycle of clutter chaos.

 Working with a professional organizer helps you customize your organizing systems, techniques, and practices for you and your home. Lisa ‘s consulting most importantly provides the energy of support and accountability, of which really drives a session.


 If you are genuinely ready to make changes by creating efficiency in your life, reducing the excess of stuff within your home, or are just wanting to live a more simplified/sufficient lifestyle, than take back your home by scheduling an appointment today. 

"There is an energy to your physical presence, and that helps with the "can do" attitude that's necessary for revamping your living space"

client- Kimberly S. 

How It Works:  (only virtual organizing is available at this time).


1 ) Contact Lisa to schedule a virtual consultation to identify your organizing challenges and clarify your goals. This helps evaluate the areas that need work, your budget, and timeline. .


2 ) Schedule an appointment during the consultation or when you are ready to get started.  

3 ) Receive a list of the prep work needed for your project and what you can expect will be provided prior to the first appointment.  

4 ) After the initial appointment, you can work on the homework checklist we develop at you own pace. Depending on the project, it may only take one appointment or several. it all depends on the depth and scope of your needs.

Contact Lisa to answer questions or schedule an initial consultation.