As a professional organizer, Lisa Wendt has spent more than 20 years helping to empower her clients to enhance their home and work environments. Her capabilities have evolved along with her business which she originally founded as Sort-It-Out in 1999. In 2005, she incorporated her business Homes that Work, to reflect her vision of creating organized homes that are beautiful in function as well as form-“homes that work.”In 2014, Lisa decided to simplify her business strategy as well as just use her name to make things less complicated and easier to find.


Just as Lisa has helped her clients transform their home and work space, her business has also evolved with projects she has helped her clients tackle. As one long-term client recently observed, “Lisa, you have helped me transform my life, not just my home and home-based business. Our work together has empowered me to do more in both my home and work life.”


Clients who have worked with Lisa use words like professional, non-judgmental, intuitive, inspiring, empowering to describe her interactions with them. “Lisa does a great job of listening to what I need and want, to passing along her ideas and wisdom, to teaching me how to turn my dreams and visions into a great, liberating home and work space. She asks simple questions than open up different ways of looking at my goals and challenges, and she treats everything I tell her with the utmost confidentiality. I get a high every time we get together to plan the next step."


Media Features:

  • Twin Cities Live 

  • Women's Day Magazine

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • St. Paul Pioneer Press

  • Thisweek Newspaper

  • Eagan Magazine

  • Eden Prairie Magazine

Master Recycler Composter Certified 

Organizing is her occupation, but Lisa's passion is the environment. Now that she is a certified Master Recycler Composter (MRC), Lisa can educate her clients about what really can be recycled, taken to hazardous waste sites, donated to charities, or taken to consignment stores.